Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Smoking Surcharges Could Cost You

Harini KidambiNov 9, 20134 min read
        After strong opposition from multiple states which culminated in the Supreme Court case National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, health insurance exchanges of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) began implementation on October 1, 2013.  Though not without website glitches and continuing opposition […]

Drug Shortages and Legislative Solutions

Leyla Mansour-ColeNov 5, 20135 min read
Cancer patients, and patients with a wide range of other ailments, may not be receiving the best possible medicine because the required drugs are in shortage.  The prescription drug market is consistently afflicted with shortages, both minor and major.  Each shortage can affect one particular drug, or a range of […] Please Stand By…We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Will McIntireOct 31, 20134 min read, the online marketplace for enrolling in the health insurance exchanges implemented by the 2010 PPACA, has left the Obama administration with egg on its face after sputtering to life on October 1, 2013. A series of technical glitches has brought unwanted attention to an already beleaguered initiative and has […]

A Few Ways the Shutdown Jeopardized Your Health

Will McIntireOct 16, 20135 min read
Now that the budget impasse that stagnating swaths of the federal government appears to have ended (Washington Post), it is worth considering what lessons might be learned from the shutdown—in particular, the shutdown’s effect on the health of Americans. The enforcement of food safety was diminished. The FDA conceded at […]

Forcibly Medicating Mentally Ill Death Row Inmates

Harini KidambiOct 9, 20133 min read
First year law students are taught the basic theories of punishment in their Criminal Law classes within the first week — deterrence, rehabilitation, isolation, education, and retribution.  These relatively straightforward concepts seem simple enough until they are complicated by obstacles that exist solely outside of textbooks and in the real […]