The Impact of Overturning Chevron on the Healthcare Industry

Sydney MyersMar 5, 20244 min read
In a landmark 1984 case before the Supreme Court, Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. set forth a doctrine of judicial deference for administrative actions. The doctrine determined that a court should defer to an agency’s decision regarding an ambiguous statute whenever the agency’s action was reasonable, […]

The Viability of In Vitro Gametogenesis for Social and Situational Infertility

Melissa BrownMar 5, 20244 min read
In vitro gametogenesis (“IVG”), a process through which scientists may induce any human cell to become either an egg or sperm cell, might eliminate the need for injections and painful egg retrieval procedures associated with in vitro fertilization (“IVF”). Though IVG has proven successful only in mice, hypothetical applications to […]

Embryos Are Children: What Does This Mean For Reproductive Rights?

Sarah AberMar 5, 20244 min read
In a ruling on February 16th, 2024, the Alabama Supreme Court declared that frozen embryos outside of the womb are classified as children. There are a few steps to in vitro fertilization (IVF); hormones are taken for the egg retrieval process, and then mature eggs are collected from the ovaries […]

 “Aging in Place” and the Importance of the 2024 OAA Final Rule

Giulia PastoreFeb 24, 20243 min read
The demographic landscape in the United States is undergoing an unprecedented shift as the older population continues to increase. In the next decade, the number of people aged 65 or older is projected to outnumber those under 18. Older adults face unique social, physical, and economic challenges. As this population […]

Health Care Privacy Concerns Around Mental Health Apps

Sarah JieFeb 24, 20243 min read
Between 2019 and 2021, the market for mental health and wellness apps such as Calm, Headspace, and BetterHelp increased by 54.6%. In 2020 alone, the top 100 wellness apps were installed over 1.2 billion times. This increase can be attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and the rise of remote […]