Plan B May Be Over the Counter Now

A US federal judge ruled on April 5th that Plan B and emergency contraceptives be made available to minors without the need of a prescription.

Prior to the Obama Administration’s 2011 decision to restrict access for anyone under the age of 17, the Food and Drug Administration recommended that Plan B be made available without a prescription for all women of any age. Judge Edward R. Korman determined that there was no reason to restrict access, even to minors, because Plan B is “among the safest drugs sold over the counter.”

Although the decision to restrict access was likely an attempt to avoid angering religious groups who claim the drug is an abortifacient, science shows that the drug prevents implantation on the uterine wall. A woman is not considered pregnant until the fertilized egg has implanted itself in her uterus’ wall.

Women still face the common problems of buying the drug: Pharmacists sometimes lie and claim even adults need a prescription, refuse to sell to men, or refuse to sell at all.

Komen’s decision will appeal to the Second Circuit, which is one of the most liberal in the country.