Plan B May Be Over the Counter Now

Amanda WhelanApr 5, 20131 min read
A US federal judge ruled on April 5th that Plan B and emergency contraceptives be made available to minors without the need of a prescription. Prior to the Obama Administration’s 2011 decision to restrict access for anyone under the age of 17, the Food and Drug Administration recommended that Plan […]

NYC Ban on Soda Won’t Happen After All

Amanda WhelanMar 13, 20131 min read
Justice Milton Tingling struck down Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soda drinks, calling it “arbitrary and capricious”. The ban was an attempt to improve the health of NYC citizens, after seeing obesity rates rise from 18% of adults in 2002 to 24%. The ban was championed by Bloomberg and approved […]

Breast Pumps For All, But Not Necessarily The Best

Amanda WhelanMar 11, 20131 min read
The ACA requires insurance companies to provide new mothers with breast pumps and other equipment that is necessary to help them breast feed. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t specify the type or quality of the breast pumps to be provided, so the companies (with doctors’ recommendations) get to decide. This issue […]

Surprise Benefit of Obamacare: Less Spending

Amanda WhelanMar 7, 20131 min read
On March 7th, Kathleen Sebelius of Health and Human Services announced that there has been a slowdown in medical spending since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare, Sebelius said, is due the credit for increased efficiency and slowed medical spending growth. “The health care law’s push for coordinated […]

Competing Nurse Ratio Laws Face Off in D.C.

adminFeb 26, 20136 min read
Federal, state, and local governments regulate many aspects of health care. However, it is physicians, nurses, and other health professionals that provide care directly to patients.  The ever growing demands of an aging population have led to overfilled hospitals, struggling to avoid turning away patients, with some nurses caring for […]