Has Covid Disheartened our Healthcare Heroes to the Point of No Return?

Patrick LeeOctober 19, 20214 min read
A recent, and well deserved, trend in media outlets is congratulating and thanking health care workers for being heroes in the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. While the Delta variant and battles over vaccine mandates still rage, there are many taking a cautious sigh of relief that the end is in sight for […]

A Health Paradox and a Path to Escape Absurdity

Alexander NaumOctober 19, 20213 min read
The United States began widespread COVID-19 vaccine distribution on December 14th, 2020; however, after ten months the CDC reports that only 56% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. When compared to other high socioeconomic (SES) nations, the U.S.’s vaccination rate ranks among the lowest. While the people of low SES nations are pleading to […]

Returning to Work: Do I have to get vaccinated?

Mariana TeranApril 26, 20213 min read
As employees start to head back to the office there is one question on their mind – do I have to get vaccinated to go back to the office?  While many employees voluntarily chose to get the Covid-19 vaccine, others are concerned about losing their job if they choose not to […]

Overhauling The U.S.’s Crumbling Infrastructure: Access to Clean Drinking Water is a Human Right

Alexander NaumApril 26, 20213 min read
Seven years ago, the U.S. media began reporting on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. While the City of Flint has finally replaced its pipes and the 95,000 residents of Flint have become eligible to receive a portion of a $650 million dollar settlement, many residents of Flint still do not […]

Where Do the Vaccines Go From Here? Issues With Vaccine Quality and Supply During COVID.

Shelby TaylorApril 26, 20213 min read
As the US begins to turn a new page since the Pandemic first devastated our country in 2020, many Americans plan to be vaccinated in efforts to return to life as they once imagined. The Biden Administration has placed tremendous support and funding behind vaccines produced by Pfizer, Moderna, and […]